Councilwoman constitutionality of provisions of the City Charter

 The Boggs-Perez law firm was recently retained to challenge provisions of the Converse City Charter that may violate the 1st and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution.  The law firm represents Converse City Councilwoman Deborah James who believes the provisions have been used as a tool of retaliation for those who oppose Mayor Al Suarez. 

 Converse City Councilwoman
Deborah James

 “My law firm is committed to ensuring that municipal governments adhere to the Constitution in dealing with citizens as well as with fellow members of the council,” Boggs-Perez said.  “We live in a democracy, not an aristocracy.  Members of the city council should be able to disagree without fear of retaliation.”  For additional information on the lawsuit, go to San Antonio Express News article at:

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